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Seizing Moments: The Narrative of the St. Thomas University Graduation Photographer

“Entering the Studio: A Glimpse into St. Thomas University’s Graduation Photography Journey”

Walking through the doors of the studio to have my graduation photos taken felt akin to stepping into the familiar embrace of an old friend’s home. Trevor and Karen Morris welcomed me warmly as I entered their impeccably lit and professional workspace, the gentle melodies of a Lizzy McAlpine song filling the air.

For over a decade, this dynamic duo has been responsible for capturing countless memorable moments of St. Thomas University graduations. While Karen Morris efficiently manages schedules, liaises with students, and takes care of administrative tasks, Trevor Morris skillfully immortalizes these moments through his lens, adeptly editing each image with precision.

Trevor Morris’s portfolio ranges from timeless individual portraits to lively group sessions, and his passion for photography is evident in his dedication to crafting each image with care and creativity.

“I believe in approaching my work with the same passion as if it were a labor of love,” he shared. “For me, it’s not just about the paycheck; it’s about the sheer joy of bringing images to life.”

Trevor Morris’ journey into the realm of photography took an unexpected turn. Initially trained as a mechanical engineer, his early creative pursuits leaned towards graphic design. However, it was roughly twenty years ago that his fascination with photography ignited, prompted by a decision to invest in a digital camera to capture precious moments in his daughter’s life. This newfound passion eventually blossomed into the establishment of Morris Photographics in 2005, driven by his profound appreciation for both family and the art of photography.
“I treasured the freedom of being present for every milestone, every school concert, every play, and all the significant moments,” Morris reflected.
Morris’ modest beginnings as a photographer not only manifest in his work but also in his genuine desire to connect with each individual who steps in front of his lens.
While awaiting their turn in the studio, Trevor Morris would engage his subjects with light-hearted banter, aiming to elicit authentic smiles. For him, whether the subject is content with their natural expression matters little; what truly counts is capturing the essence of the moment and immortalizing it through photography.
“We derive just as much enjoyment behind the camera as our subjects do in front of it,” he remarked.
This approach extends to the group sessions Morris orchestrates for STU students during graduation photoshoots, often held on campus grounds, where he and his team work tirelessly from dawn till dusk.
Recalling these sessions, Trevor Morris recounted how groups of friends would bring along snacks, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. In one instance, students perched on the STU sign, resulting in candid and unforgettable moments. Another student even brought a prop bong for a playful touch.
Trevor Morris is deeply moved by the ability of portrait photography to cultivate shared experiences.
“There’s a certain allure to portrait photography that is both challenging and immensely gratifying,” he mused.
Unlike other photographic genres he’s explored, portrait photography is emotionally charged, requiring a delicate balance between the subject’s emotions and the photographer’s creativity.
Emphasizing the joy he derives from providing people with lasting memories, Trevor Morris stated, “These photographs serve as tangible tokens of achievement or as celebratory markers of significant milestones.”
He believes that the emotional resonance of photography lies in its power to capture fleeting moments in time, allowing individuals not only to share these memories but also to revisit them at will.

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