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Focusing on attire and fashion: Ten years later, a former student of STU reflects on her time at the university.

At first glance, Chapple appears calm and collected, as portrayed in a 2014 article titled “Passion for Fashion” in The Aquinian, featuring Emma Chapple, an alumna of St. Thomas University. During her second year, she juggled numerous responsibilities, including her job at College Hill Social Club, leading the STU Her Campus chapter, and managing the challenges of her chronic illness.
Reflecting on those years nearly a decade later, Chapple confesses that she wasn’t as composed as she appeared. She remarks, “I believe that growing older and discerning what truly matters to you is significant.”
Writing has always been a priority for Chapple. She began blogging in middle school, and during her time as a journalism student at STU, she maintained a blog to enhance her writing portfolio.
This experience motivated Chapple to establish the Her Campus chapter at STU, becoming the first in Atlantic Canada. Despite its short duration, she expresses pride in their accomplishments. “Even though it didn’t last very long, I am really proud of what we did,” she shares. “I would love for somebody to pick it back up, but it is a lot of work.”
While managing responsibilities like content uploads, coordination with Her Campus headquarters, and campus event organization, Chapple often felt overwhelmed during her university years.
“I was just getting tired of trying to keep up this image of being this person who can do it all, who doesn’t have any problems,” she admits.
Currently residing in Toronto and working as a lawyer, Chapple emphasizes the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health despite the demands of her career. Engaging in activities she enjoys, like attending the Toronto International Film Festival and writing on her current blog, “Elevate With Emma,” brings her fulfillment.
“Elevate With Emma” focuses on fashion, particularly for women in the legal profession. Recognizing the lack of individuality in professional attire within a male-dominated industry, Chapple aims to inject personality into courtroom clothing.
“You need to be able to add your own personal style to it, or else you’re not going to feel confident,” she insists.
Chapple’s passion for fashion traces back to her childhood and her affection for dolls, particularly Barbie and the British doll, Sindy. With a sentimental connection to Sindy, Chapple was featured in a Wall Street Journal piece.
In addition to her media features, Chapple has crossed paths with actress Julia Fox, known for her role in “Uncut Gems.” Chapple dressed up as Fox for Halloween, chronicling her experiences on her blog.
“It’s been quite a week,” she remarks in her blog entry.
Beyond being a style guide, Chapple’s blog serves as an outlet for her enthusiasm. While she hopes it will eventually generate income, she values it as a hobby. Her primary goal is to sustain her joy in blogging, which hasn’t always been consistent.
“I started doing this again because I felt really inspired to do it. And I don’t want to lose that.”

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